Stay Safe While Playing Sports With Sporting Smiles Mouthguard

Athletes are 60% more likely to sustain oral injuries when not wearing a sports mouthguard. At First-in-Smiles Dentistry in Matthews, we are pleased to offer custom-made mouthguards that provide a comfortable fit to protect your teeth and gums from trauma during contact sports.

What are the benefits of wearing custom-made sports mouthguards?

These protective oral appliances are a great way to help prevent dental injuries, such as broken teeth and jaw fractures. Not only do they save teeth, but they can also prevent other severe injuries like cerebral hemorrhages and neck injuries and may also reduce the severity of concussions.

What is it like to get custom-made sports mouthguards from us?

Our experienced dentist will take an impression of your teeth and create a mold that fits over them. This proper fit offers maximum protection and comfort, ensuring your mouthguard stays in place and doesn’t dislodge while playing sports.

What are all sports mouthguards made of?

Our sports mouthguards are made of durable, high-quality plastic customized to fit your mouth. They are also available in various colors, so you can choose one to match your team’s uniform. They are lightweight and allow for unrestricted breathing and speaking while playing. You'll barely notice you're wearing one!

Who should consider getting custom-made all sports mouthguards?

Anyone participating in contact sports, such as football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, or boxing, should consider wearing a protective oral appliance. Even individuals who participate in non-contact sports, such as basketball, cycling, or skateboarding, should consider wearing a mouthguard.

Don’t take chances! If you’re an athlete looking for optimal protection for your mouth and teeth while playing your favorite sports, contact First-in-Smiles Dentistry about our custom-made sports mouthguards today!


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  • Avoid emergency dental visits
  • Protect your teeth from damage
  • Reduce the severity of concussions and lacerations
  • Safeguard your jawbone from fractures
  • Enjoy participating in the sports you love!

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