Improve Your Smile With Crowns & Bridges

At First-in-Smiles Dentistry in Matthews, our team proudly provides patient-centered care. We can help you address various issues, including chipped, cracked, or missing teeth. Crowns and bridges can help restore your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

What are crowns and bridges?

A crown, also known as a cap, covers the entire visible portion of a tooth, restoring it to its original shape and size. Crowns help protect weakened teeth from further damage while providing strength and stability. Bridges use a combination of crowns and artificial teeth to close the gap left by one or more missing teeth. It restores the look and function of your smile and redistributes the workload among your teeth, enabling you to chew more effectively.

How are crowns and bridges procedure applied?

We'll prepare and reshape the tooth so the crown or bridge can fit properly. Next, an impression of your mouth is taken and sent to a lab so that your custom restoration can be created. Although a temporary restoration may be worn in the interim, it usually takes two to three weeks for the permanent ones to arrive. Our dentist will check the fit and color before finally cementing it with a strong dental adhesive. The crown bridge procedure is designed to restore both function and aesthetics to your smile. Throughout the process, our team ensures that every step is focused on your specific dental needs, providing a seamless and comfortable experience.

What issues do crowns and bridges address?

Crowns and bridges are usually recommended to patients who suffer from cracked or chipped teeth, significant tooth decay, weakened teeth due to large fillings, and missing teeth due to trauma or extraction. Crowns can also help with aesthetic improvements and offer support for dental bridges.

What are the benefits of crowns and bridges?

Crowns and bridges can restore the appearance and health of your smile. They can replace up to three missing teeth in a row, enabling you to speak more clearly and enjoy eating all the foods you love. Crowns and bridges help maintain face shape by supporting your cheeks and stopping the remaining teeth from drifting into the space left by the missing tooth. With proper care, they can last for decades.

Who should consider crowns and bridges?

If you are suffering from broken, weakened, or missing teeth, or want to improve the appearance of your smile, then it is worth considering a crown or bridge. The crown bridge procedure offers an effective solution to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your teeth. This process involves reshaping the affected tooth or teeth, taking precise impressions, and creating a custom restoration that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth.

At First-in-Smiles Dentistry, our team will happily discuss your needs and determine if a crown or bridge is the best option. Contact us today to learn more and start your journey to a stronger, healthier smile!

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  • Eliminate gaps created by missing teeth
  • Correct biting and spacing issues
  • Provide stability to weakened tooth structure
  • Improve your speaking and chewing abilities
  • Restore the appearance of your smile!

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