Relieve Symptoms Of Bruxism With Bruxism Dental Nightguards

First-in-Smiles Dentistry in Matthews is proud to offer custom-fitted nightguards for patients who suffer from bruxism. If left untreated, bruxism can cause immense discomfort and damage to the teeth and jaw joints. While over-the-counter nightguards can be purchased without a prescription, custom-made nightguards offer better protection.

How can bruxism dental nightguards help with bruxism?

Bruxism nightguards are custom-fitted oral appliances that absorb and disperse the force of clenching and grinding. Wearing a nightguard can relieve jaw pain, headaches, and facial muscle fatigue associated with bruxism.

What is involved in getting a bruxism nightguard?

After thoroughly examining your teeth, cheeks, and gums, our dentist will take impressions to ensure a proper fit. We will then fabricate the nightguard and have you try it on to ensure it’s comfortable. We may also recommend repairing damaged teeth, providing a good long-term fit.

What are the benefits of bruxism dental nightguards?

Bruxism nightguards can relieve jaw pain and discomfort, protect teeth from further wear due to grinding or clenching, improve sleep quality by promoting relaxation of the facial muscles, and reduce sensitivity in the teeth caused by erosion.

How does it feel to wear bruxism nightguards?

Once you’ve received your custom-fitted bruxism nightguards, you will find them comfortable and unobtrusive. Many patients don’t even realize that they are wearing their nightguard during the night!

Who should consider nighttime teeth guards?

If you experience bruxism symptoms, we strongly recommend getting fitted for a custom-fitted bruxism nightguard.

Don’t suffer any longer than you need to! Contact First-in-Smiles Dentistry today to schedule an appointment.  Our team will happily answer any questions about bruxism nightguards and provide the best solution for your needs.


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  • Significantly improve your quality of sleep
  • Relieve pain and discomfort caused by bruxism
  • Protect your teeth from wear and tear
  • Alleviate discomfort and pain in the jaw
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity caused by bruxism!

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