COVID 19: What we are doing to Protect our Patients and our team

  1. Well trained team to protect our patients.
  2. New Patient Check-in/Check-out Protocols:
    1. In order to minimize spread of COVID-19, we will be limiting use of our reception area. Patients will be requested to stay seated in their vehicles. One of our team member will be seeing you in the parking lot to measure your temperature and have you fill out the forms.
    2. We recommend New patients to use our website to fill out New Patient forms using your own personal device from comfort of your home.
    3. We will be disinfecting our portable devices and pens after each use.
    4. Our team will be wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when they receive you.
    5. Frequent disinfection of door knobs and all touchable surfaces and devices.
  3. In treatment Room Protocols:
    1. We kindly request accompanying members of family to stay in the vehicle during the time of procedure.
    2. We have always implemented highest standards of infection control and sterilization, all team members are trained with proper use of PPE to protect the patients and themselves.
      1. New PPE Protocols
        1. N95 or KN95 masks
        2. Full Surgical gowns
        3. Face Shields
    3. Air purifier in each rooms.
    4. The External Fumigators(extra oral suction devices as needed).
    5. Dry-Shield-All in one isolation system